Spring is almost here!

There are days in March where you can feel springtime. Where the hope of sunshine and putting away layers and layers of winter clothing and accessories feels like a possibility. And then suddenly it’s -25 again and the wind and the snow make the roads impassable and the days miserable.

It’s a pretty good metaphor for life, isn’t it? 

Things look good one day — you’re growing and blossoming, your relationships feel warm and inviting. And the next day, all of that hope is buried and the frigid air, all too familiar, is pelting you in the face.

Winters are long here in Canada. And they are especially unpredictable in Alberta.

And so Storybrook Therapy is offering a “Spring is Almost Here” Special on counselling. 

For the months of March and April, new clients will get their first two sessions for $50 each.

Why? Because sometimes vitamin D doesn’t quite cut it. (Though you should all be taking your vitamin D!) And talking helps. Dan Siegel says, “Name it to tame it.” Sometimes we just need a place to share and process the things that have kept us pre-occupied and concerned.

Just like you’re going to air out your house and open the windows on the first warm day. Why not think about airing out what’s been cooped up in your mind this winter?

Call 780-361-7609 or email storybrooktherapy@gmail.com or contact us via Facebook if you or someone you know could benefit from our spring special.

Here’s to sunny days ahead.

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