Welcome to Storybrook Therapy, a counselling practice that recognizes the value in telling our stories.

Some of our stories are easy. Some are pleasant and happy, and it is with ease that we remember them. Some of our stories involve growing and the growing pains that often accompany us in those times. Some stories we would rather forget. Yet all have shaped us and contribute to the person we are in this present moment.

At Storybrook Therapy, we see our stories as gifts — gifts that we have received throughout each season of life and also gifts that we get to share with others. Our stories connect us on this very human journey of ours. Our stories are not to be ignored. Our stories matter.


How does Storybrook Therapy help tell your story?

Counselling services for individuals, couples, and families. Storybrook Therapy offers counselling in all areas and specializes in end-of-life, grief, and loss, recognizing the importance of being able to process the (many and often conflicting) feelings and questions that occur during these times and how being able to talk openly allows for connection, meaning, and hope to grow at a time when those values are needed most.

Creation of legacy documents. A legacy document is a written document that allows your life experiences, the lessons you have learned, and your hopes for the future and your loved ones to live on through your own words. Read about the legacy document process on our Services page. Ultimately, creating a legacy document is about allowing the stories that matter most to be shared in your own voice and to future generations.